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Hi! My name is Sam. Devotie (Devotion) means to me: a loving attitude to life. Living from your heart.

When I started with yoga seven years ago, I mostly lived from anxious willpower. Having exhausted psychological treatment and sent on my way to learn to live with my PTSD, I found life very heavy and I was pretty cynical. My yoga teacher taught me how I could clear out old emotions and even trauma from my body, how I could discipline my mind and how I could feel my soul.

Now I am more than cured and life feels an incomparable amount lighter. I certainly have more ‘inner work’ to do, but now that I am my own best friend, I experience a deeper happiness daily. Lately I even experience an almost constant glow in my heart; a warm, tingly feeling. I wish everyone a heart filled with love. This is why I founded Devotie. My wish is to let people like you experience the wonders of your own love.

Devotie Academy
Devotie Academy is a coaching programme for self love and happiness. The unique effectiveness lies in the focus on the interplay between body, mind and soul. The guidance programme includes classes in yoga & meditation, mindset coaching sessions and healing massage.


With Devotie Academy I want to express my vision, that you can create a lasting self love and permanent happiness, when you work on all three aspects of your humanness: body, mind and soul. The programme is built in a way that it:

  •  frees the body from (old) emotions and physical problems that are connected to them,

  •  trains the mind to give up negative thoughts and change the direction of thought from fear to love,

  •  invites the soul to come to the foreground more, making you intuitively feel who you are.

Devotie Academy is such a holistic programme, that you will experience results in all areas regarding your wellbeing and happiness. The sky is the limit when you work with your body, mind and soul simultaneously.

Go to my website below to schedule an introductory meeting with me. I would love to meet you!

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